Partner with Us

We don't only build real, personal relationships with our customers. We are always looking to do the same with our partners and affiliates by offering them solutions that enhance our product offering and quality of service.

BancoRemit provides a reliable and quick service for businesses looking to make payments for goods and services in various currencies across national borders. We offer a range of receive options which includes electronic bank transfers, mobile money wallets and prepaid debit cards. We provide excellent pricing for both large and small transaction sizes.

If you are interested in becoming a business partner or if you you're looking for a partnership which requires an integration with our system, please reach out to us at or contact us using our contact form.

Join our Affiliate Programme

By joining our affiliate programme, you will be able to drive people to the BancoRemit website through your website using a unique web link. Our affiliate tracking system will identify any transfer made by customers referred from your site and we will pay you a percentage commission for each transfer. All commission pay-outs are handled by our affiliate tracking platform.

If you own a website with good traffic volumes and you believe your users would be interested in making big savings on their money transfers? Get in touch with us. Send us an email at or contact us using our contact form.